Monday, May 13, 2013

INVITATION of the Protest Against Falsehood Bo Thein Sein in Washington D.C


INVITATION of the Protest Against Falsehood Bo Thein Sein in Washington D.C
May 14, 2013
 We, International Foundation for Burma National Congress (IFBNC), assume that we need pre-transitional justice frameworks in politics, economics, and social that will lead to genuine democracy for Burma. Today’s Burma problem is the 2008 sham constitution and existing of the Burmese military position above the constitution is a barrier for our goal of genuine democracy, justice, and freedom in Burma. There are main three obstacles for a genuine democracy direction: Burma Army is above the constitution; there are no transitional justice measures in the political, economic, and social welfare systems; and ethnic minority civil war still is being occurred in Kachin State and along the border. In addition, we cannot practice constitutional rights and cannot amend military provisions. We want genuine democracy.
On the other hand the Thein Sein regime still is manipulating the political process towards a sham transition that is not genuinely democratic. We would like to appeal the Obama administration and the international community to pay attention to the following points: support for genuine democratic process; support for a people power movement. We demand that the Thein Sein Regime do the following: stop forced relocation (Latpadaung Taung and other regions); stop the denial of workers’ rights; setup a social welfare system; stop arresting of democracy activists; stop the war in the Kachin region and along the borders.
For this reasons, we will hold the protest in Washington D.C. as following program. In addition, we call to eliminate 2008 sham Constitution and implement national collective action both inside Burma and outside Burma. You are cordially invited to participate in this protest. We need your participation in the spirit of democracy revolution process because everyone has a power to change your own country.

When:             May 20, 2013 (Monday)
Where :           In front of White House (Lafayette Park): (at the corner of 16th Street, N.W.&  H Street, N.W., one block from Farragut West metro station on Orange/Blue Line and Farragut North metro station on Red Line)
Time:              10:00am to 1:00pm

Ko Ye Htut (1-347-226-0572); Ko Aung Than(1-919-240-9383); Dr.Khin Sein(1-919-231-961); U Tun Win (Representative of Min Pyar Constituancy of 1990 Election, 1-919-500-8494); Ko Min Naing(1-716-544-1172) and members of IFBNC.

International Foundation for Burma National Congress (IFBNC)  /  ,

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