Saturday, December 6, 2014

Burmese People from US demonstration to stop Civilian war in Kachin State.

Kachin, Karen, Chin, Mon, Myanmar, and Rakhine ethnic nationalities from Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Georgia, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland participated in today's protest against Burma Army's unprovoked attack on November 19 that killed 23 cadets and wounded 20 others at KIO Officer Training School ground. Some protesters came from as far as Canada to join today's protest.

About 150 ethnic nationalities from Burma today held a protest in front of United Nation headquarters and the Permanent Mission of Myanmar in New York.
Pounding rains did not deter protesters from demanding UN and international community to speak for the rights of ethnic nationalities and seek justice for those fallen on November 19 at KIO Officer Training Academy.


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